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IoT Devices - Analogue Input

The SensorData and SensorNode have analogue inputs available - consult the Datasheet for the number available and input range. 

Outputs on the device can be enabled just before sampling, to power external sensors. Sampling occurs over roughly 100 ms, in which multiple readings are taking, and the average is calculated to be sent over the network. The following parameters are configurable:

Enable 3.3V: Enables the 3.3V output when taking a sample.

Enable Vout:  Enables Vout when taking a sample. This can be either 6 or 12V, depending on whether output boost is enabled on the circuit board (using the jumper).

NB: The SensorData Sigfox v2 does not have this feature - it will support higher voltage batteries (up to 16V) which must be used if 12V is required for Vout

Power On Delay: How many seconds after enabling outputs the device will wait, before taking a sample. Can be used to give external sensors enough time to power on fully. This delay is ignored if no outputs are to be enabled.


The SensorData and SensorNode have analogue inputs available with a 0-30V input range. The auto-ranging operates as follows:

  • It can either be 0-5V, or 0-30V
  • When taking a sample, it first takes a reading at the 0-30V, if it’s below that, it switches to 0-5V (and then takes more readings, and averages them)
  • The input uses a 12bit ADC, so 0-5V has a 1.22mV precision, and 0-30V has a 7.32mV precision.

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