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SensorData/SensorNode Overview of Operation

Due to the low power/low data bandwidth nature of the device, the timing of samples is grouped into 'schedules'. Each schedule can have up to 4 items, for example; Battery voltage, SDI12 reading or GPS Position (see integration documentation for full list). These are all sampled together at the period defined in the schedules parameters, after which they are packed together in a data payload (or multiple payloads if required), and transmitted over a Sigfox or LoRaWAN network. 

Depending on the region, or specific Sigfox/LoRaWAN network, there may be delays between individual payload transmissions. This should be considered when developing applications to parse data coming from the device.

Example Application:

SDI-12 soil moisture and soil temperature every 20 minutes, Battery voltage every hour, GPS position every 2 days.

Schedule 1:

Period = 20 minutes

Item 1 = SDI-12 Item 1 (Set up as Soil Moisture)

Item 2 = SDI-12 Item 2 (Set up as Soil Temperature)

Schedule 2:

Period = 60 minutes

Item 1 = Battery Voltage

Schedule 3:

Period = 2880 minutes (2 days)

Item 1 = GPS Position

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