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Setting up a new reseller on OEM to use MyGeotab

The following steps are taken by Digital Matter to setup resellers on OEM to use MyGeotab:

  1. Create an OEM Group for the new reseller. 
  2. Add a user to OEM for the new reseller.
  3. Create a MyGeotab connector: devices send data to the OEM Server, and this forwards the data to MyGeotab's 3rd party API. A connector must be setup on OEM to do this. The connector needs to know the reseller's MyAdmin 3rd Party API credentials (see below). This is a username and password. Provide the username and password to support. See one of the existing Geotab connectors for the configuration.
  4. Assign devices to the reseller's group.
  5. Assign the new connector to the devices.
  6. Either DM or the reseller should be able to provision the devices on MyGeotab. Described here. The username and password will be the same as the connector username and password. Leave the server field blank.
  7. The reseller can then power up the device and test the data transmission into MyGeotab.

The Reseller will be required to obtain MyAdmin 3rd Party API credentials:

  1. The reseller should register here. This account will manage the 3rd party devices in MyGeotab. Use an email address like, where is the resellers domain address. The email address must be able to receive email, so as to complete the registration process. The password is up to the reseller.
  2. Email to request MyAdmin API access for the account that was created. The email should include the user name (email address) of the MyAdmin account.
  3. The email address and password should be supplied to DM for the setup of step 3 above.

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