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Custom APN setup requirements

Clients commonly have custom APNs for their SIM cards. Here is a list of requirements for using a custom APN with a DM device:

  1. Enable Mobile Terminated SMS: to get the APN settings onto the device, a configuration SMS is needed. This will get the device "on air". The #*,APN,name,username,password SMS is the one you need. Later, once the APN is proven and the client buys more devices, DM can add the APN to the AutoAPN list. This allows a plug and play experience.
  2. Internet breakout: the device need to get to the OEM Server, which requires what is commonly referred to as "internet breakout".
  3. Working DNS: the APN's DNS should be able to resolve the URL's in the table below.
  4. Firewall ports open: the following ports should be opened. IP address can be nslookup'ed, but we recommend using the URL, in case the IP address changes.
    8960, 8962-8999, 9963-9999TCP
    8960, 8962-8999, 9963-9999
    21, 40000-50000FTP (PASV)

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