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Getting a Sigfox device online

We sometimes find customers frustrated with getting the Oyster Sigfox device online for the first time. This is why, and how you can avoid frustration.

Why is it not connecting?

There are a few reasons:

  1. Most often, it is because the device cannot get a GPS fix. On initial start up (batteries inserted), the device must get a GPS fix before it sends any Sigfox messages. This is because the device needs an accurate time to ensure it obeys its setup rules. It must not violate its Sigfox plan, the regulatory requirements in the region, or the after hours setup. It needs a time before it can send anything.
  2. No Sigfox coverage in your area. In the early parts of the Sigfox rollout in your country, you may not be covered yet. Even if the coverage map says you are, it is possible that you are in a dead spot. 
  3. Flat batteries: your batteries may be too flat to send a Sigfox message out.

What to do?

  1. Do the initial power up (inserting batteries) in an area with great GPS coverage. This is either outside, under a GPS repeater, or next to a window with a good sky view.
  2. Take the device for a drive to vary the Sigfox coverage. Change it's location.
  3. Use fresh batteries. If you're not sure, measure the voltage with a multi-meter. They should be above 1.5V each when fresh.

If you are still struggling, contact support and we'll help you diagnose the problem.

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