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DM to MyGeotab Integration Description

Digital Matter sends device data to MyGeotab via the MyGeotab 3rd Party API.

Initial Device Setup:

  1. Devices are provisioned on MyGeotab from the DM's OEM Admin Server. This requires the reseller's MyAdmin credentials.
  2. Devices are assigned a MyGeotab Connector from OEM. This tells OEM to send data for this device to MyGeotab. The connector contains the reseller's MyAdmin credentials to authenticate with the 3rd Party API.

Device Operation:

  1. Devices log data and connect to the OEM Admin server.
  2. Data sent to the OEM Server by the device is directed to the MyGeotab 3rd Party API. It is logged with the MyGeotab Serial from the provisioning step above. The connectors MyAdmin credentials are used by the connector to submit the data.
  3. Data appears in MyGeotab for the MyGeotab Serial.

What is sent to MyGeotab:

  1. GPS data is sent most regularly (or according to how the device is setup):
    1. Position data: Lat, long, speed, Is GPS Valid.
    2. Digital data: Ignition, auxilaries (Tamper for Remora in Aux 2), Battery Status (battery NOT good)
  2. Device Profiling Counters are sent less regularly, usually once per day:
    1. Battery Voltage in Millivolts
    2. Battery Percentage
    3. Successful Uploads
    4. Failed Uploads
    5. GPS Freshen Attempts
    6. GPS Freshen Time
    7. Trip count

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