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Oyster Cellular Firmware Release Notes

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Added GPS satellite count and signal strength filter for higher position certainty
Made the Wake Filter for Jostle Based Trips and Recovery Mode configurable
Added new GPS and upload timeout options for Recovery Mode
Reduced inrush current for better low temperature and alkaline battery support
Increased low battery threshold to 4.85 V
Added undervoltage lockout
Fixed error in v1.6
Added geofence download support
Added High-G detection
Completed direct to third party support
Added encyrption capability
Added direct to third party support
Recovery mode tracking parameters parameterised
Upload timeouts implemented
Heartbeat record GPS field time updated to that of the latest fix time.
Fix for EMU_110 errata, which caused occasional reboots during wakeup on a few unlucky devices
Configureable recovery mode timeouts
Added US AutoAPN entries, including fixed Aeris entry.
New profiling counters message, including max temperature.
Improved battery capacity estimation using peak hold measurement
UE910 12.00.428 FW compatibility
LFRCO off for small power saving
I2C timeout fix
First test release.

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