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DM Profiling Counters to MyGeotab 3rd Party API Mappings

The Digital Matter battery powered devices record Profiling Counters to allow the performance of the devices to be monitored. 

The MyGeotab 3rd party API allows these counters to be send to MyGeotab.

This describes those mappings:

Counter Name Checkmate Code Unit
Battery Voltage Code 5 millivolts
Battery Percentage Code 9 battery percentage x 100
Successful Uploads Code 10 none (count)
Failed Uploads Code 11 none (count)
Freshen Attempts* Code 12 none (count)
Freshen Time* Code 13 seconds
Trips Code 14 none (count)

*Freshen refers to the GPS module staying on after it has obtained a fix to download a complete set of ephemeris data. This speeds up subsequent fixes.

These counters are forwarded to MyGeotab from Remora firmware version 1.31 and later. 

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