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Sigfox - How to Change Settings?

The Oyster Sigfox device's settings control how it behaves. Device settings are often called "parameters".

The settings on an Oyster Sigfox device can be changed in two ways. All of the settings are accessible from both methods:

  1. Over the Air using a Sigfox downlink message
  2. Using a configuration cable

For a discussion of the available settings and their effect, please read this article.

Option 1: Over the Air using a Sigfox Downlink

Sigfox allows a limited number of messages to be sent from the Sigfox backend to the device. The number is controlled by the Sigfox plan. These downlink messages can be used to change the device operating parameters.

On Telematics Guru, this is exposed in a convenient user interface. The interface allows you to choose settings, and queue them for delivery. When the device next requests a downlink, this message is sent to the Sigfox backend and relayed to the device. This can take some time, depending on how often the device requests a downlink and if it is heard by Sigfox when it does.

Other systems can use the integration guide to setup the required downlink messages. It explains how to format the messages to change the device's operating parameters.

Advanced users can queue downlinks directly in the Sigfox backend, but this should only be used for testing. 

Option 2: Using a configuration cable

Distributors should purchase the Oyster Sigfox configuration cable. This allows you to plug into the device to change settings using a simple windows desktop application. To download the application, see this article.

The cable also allows firmware to be updated on the device.

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