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Accident Data Exports

The OEM Server saves accident data uploads for inspection. 


Accident reporting must be enabled AND tuned for the vehicle in question. See this article.

To request a Accident data export, click on 'details' for the device in OEM, and then select the 'Request Accident Upload' button. 

NB: The SystemAdministrator permission is required to be able to access the "Request Accident Upload" button. So to retrieve this data, you will need to contact DM Support and they can provide an export for you. 

For DM Support:
The Accident data will then be uploaded to the OEM Server and a new tab will appear in the details section called "Accidents" here you can download the html map and the CSV of data points

Accident data may also be forwarded to the front end server. This is a connector option and is off by default.

Normally, in the event of an accident, second by second data is recorded 60 seconds before and 10 seconds after the incident. This may be different if the upload is requested by Async Message.

The example outputs are attached to this article.

Point Data CSV Export

The second by second GPS data will be available in a CSV download. There will probably be 70 points. The following information is available for each point:

  • Date and Time of point, in UTC timezone
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Speed
  • Speed Accuracy, as reported by the GPS module 
  • Peak Velocity Change in the last second, in the X/Fwd, Y/Right, Z/Down directions. This is the change in km/h over 120ms. 
  • The magnitude of the Peak Velocity Change vectors above. This is used to determine if an accident happened.
  • Status - before or after the impact
  • Other GPS position metrics

Point Data Map Export

The second by second GPS data is plotted on a map in a downloadable HTML file. Open the file in a browser. Each point give this information:

  • Position on the map.
  • Hover over the point for Date and Time of the point, in UTC timezone
  • Click on the point for the speed.
  • The color shows: Green for before the incident, Red for the incident, Blue for after the incident.

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