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Provisioning for Telematics Guru on the Sigfox Backend

If you have registered Oysters on a private Sigfox account, and wish to connect them to Telematics Guru, you need to configure your Sigfox account to forward the data. This is done by adding a callback to the device type that you are using for your Oysters.

First, log in to your private Sigfox account at

Locate the device type that the Oysters are using, and click on the device type name:

In the information tab for the device type, click Edit:

Now set the downlink mode to Callback. You must do this even if you are not planning on supporting downlinks, as leaving it set to DIRECT will send downlinks and cause unintentional reprogramming. 

If you want to see more detail in the device messages tab on, you can optionally change the payload parsing from Regular (raw payload) to Custom grammar, and populate the custom configuration field with:

Type:0:uint:4::3 InTrip:0:bool:4 FixFailed:0:bool:5 Lat:1:int:32:little-endian Long:5:int:32:little-endian Heading:9:uint:8 Speed:10:uint:8 Vbat:11:uint:8

Now go to the Callbacks tab, and click the New button in the top right:

Now select Custom callback:

For Telematics Guru:

Fill in the Type, Channel, Url pattern, Use HTTP Method, Content type, and Body shown below. 

The URL shown is in the form:


The device region in the URL is important to target the correct regional instance of Telematics Guru. Refer to this article for an explanation of the regions and the device specific URLs. A short summary is:

Device URL
Global (old)

Based on which server your Partner account is hosted you will need to use the related URL.

The full text of the Body field is:









NB: The available variables differ depending on the subscriptions, the variables on the Body text should match the ones that are available to you on your account.

Finally, select your new callback as the default for downlinks, by clicking the Downlink radio button:

It is possible to setup multiple callbacks to deliver data to multiple platforms. Be sure to select the correct one for the downlink messages.

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