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Bulk Firmware Update

Administrators often need to update the firmware version of many devices at once. Updates may be needed when new features are released or bugs are fixed.

Steps to update many devices at once:

  1. Login to the OEM server admin interface, usually at
  2. Search for the devices you need to update. Refer to this article: Search, selection and Filtering
  3. Note that you can only update single hardware revisions in one go. You may need to apply a filter to the product row. For example, 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 are G50 hardware revisions and must be updated separately.
  4. After applying a filter, be sure to update your selection. This ensures that none of the devices filtered out are still selected.
  5. Go to Device Operations->Set Firmware. Select the firmware version you wish to apply. Click OK.

This screen shot shows how to apply a filter to get a single hardware revision. The 33 is the Product ID and the .2 is the Hardware Revision. In this case 33 is Remora and 2 is 3G.


Known issues:
  1. Be sure not to try to update multiple hardware revisions. This will give you an error.
  2. Updating many devices at once may timeout. Reduce the number by filtering on device groups to get around this.

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