OEM is normally a conduit for device data to front end systems such as Telematics Guru. You can set up a data capture by activating the function on the oem platform before the data sent through to TG or a Third Party platform. Remember that this setting is applied to new connections. So if a device is currently connected and data capture is turned on, nothing will change. To close the connection, navigate to the Details page; and click on the Close Connection button (or restart the asset)

This article explains how to view the data records that are captured.

To Turn on Data Capturing:

Search for your device and select the check box to the left (1):


Go to Device Operations (1); Set Data Capture Expiry (2)


Set the Data Capture Expiry Date(1) and Click on the OK button(2). The expiry date is when OEM will stop capturing data for the device.