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Activating Recovery Mode

Recovery mode can be used to help recover a stolen asset. 

When set, a device reports more frequently, and begins 'live tracking' when on the move.

NOTE: While there are no additional charges involved in setting Recovery Mode, the following points needs to be kept in mind

  • Increased data usage will be seen until Recovery Mode is deactivated.
  • Significantly increased battery usage for the duration Recovery Mode is active. With fresh batteries in and the device on the move, we should see about 1-2 weeks of battery life 

Given the above, we select an expiry time when setting Recovery Mode (i.e. Expire after 12 hours) - so that the device leaves this mode and doesn't remain in recovery mode indefinitely, draining the battery life.

Setting Recovery Mode Through Telematics Guru

Through Telematics Guru Web
Go to Assets->Manage Assets-> Select the asset. From the cog menu on the right hand side, select "Enter Recovery Mode".

Through Telematics Guru Mobile App
The eye symbol on top of the asset indicates Recovery Mode. If it is greyed out (has a line through it), then recovery mode is not set. If the eye is solid, then recovery mode has been set.

When will the device enter recovery mode?

Under normal operation, our battery powered devices sleep in a low power state (with its cellular modem off, not connected to the network). This means that if we then set Recovery Mode 'on' from the server - it will not be actioned until the next upload/connection.

Consider the example of a device set to upload hourly.

  • 10:00am - device uploads
  • 10:10am - recover mode is set on the server
  • 11:00am - Device connects in again, gets the message and goes into recovery mode.

We need to choose the parameters carefully so that in the event of a theft, the device can go into recovery mode with an acceptable delay in from setting the device in recovery mode and the time the device actually goes into recovery mode.

In-Trip Upload parameter can be a good option to consider. By default, when an Oyster3 is in trip, it uploads every 30 mins. So in that instance, the device will behave as below

  • 10:00am - device uploads
  • 10:10am - Recovery Mode is set on the server
  • 10:30am - Device connects in again, gets the message and goes into recovery mode.

If the default in trip upload rate needs it can be configured from Parameters->Edit System Parameters->Basic Tracking.

Note adjusting this rate will affect battery life.

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