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2G/3G APN - how do I set the APN on my device to get it on the network?

In order for a cellular based device to be able to connect in to the server it needs to be able to connect via the cellular network.

Devices need a working SIM card, and need a working APN.

Digital Matter devices use "Auto-APN" to figure out APN settings for networks and APNs that we know about.

If you are using a new network or a private APN then you will probably need to send the device a text message (SMS) to get the right APN details in the device.

All 2G/3G Digital Matter tracking devices since the G50 use the following format for the APN text message:


If the <username> and <password> are blank or not required then you can leave them off.

You can also reset a device to use auto-APN by sending a blank APN: #*,APN




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